Mind the Garden

Years ago, one of my personal training clients told me about ANT.

We were discussing the insects when she said, “Ant stands for A Negative Thought.”

Well that stuck. Every time I see an ant I remind myself to check my thinking.

With the snow finally gone, I’ve begun planning my garden. As I toured the yard yesterday to decide where to plant the raspberry bushes, I realized my entire yard is FULL of ants!

I Googled natural solutions for ant issues and the answer I found fascinated me.

Ants will move into an area where plants and soil are stressed.

No different than negative thoughts. When our bodies, relationships and emotions are stressed, negative thoughts run rampant.

Healthy lawn, less ants.

Healthy being, less negative thoughts.

The ants had invaded my front step last year and I took spicy measures to move them along. Except that they relocated to the lawn on the other side of the tree.

I had noticed the small ant hill but didn’t bother with it because it wasn’t big enough to do any real damage.

Except that left unattended, it multiplied exponentially beneath the surface.

If we don’t tend to our negative thoughts, their growth can catch us by surprise.

The remedy?

Mind the garden. Nourish it. Nurture it. Don’t neglect it.

Fill your body with vibrant nutrition. Fill your mind with positive information.

Listen to inspiring music and lectures.

Move your body.

Nurture your relationships.

Pull the weeds.

Create a lush environment in your home and inner world.

Don’t just push the ants to the side, leave little space for them.

And your garden will flourish.

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