Tree-planting Challenge

When I published my first Anna book last year, I committed to having a tree planted for every print copy sold — to offset all of the trees that have filled our homes, schools and libraries with beloved books over the last century. My mission: to plant a million trees in my lifetime.

After spending this past weekend in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with the formidable Lama Tsultrim Allione and her Wisdom Rising Retreat, I’m spurred to act more urgently.

Because the window of my lifetime may be wider than the window of restoring Nature’s balance; than the window of extinction of many species.

Books sold this year pay for trees planted next year. Those seedlings need time to grow. I’m wondering how much time we have. I want to do more for the planet. More than I can do alone.

So, I’m throwing down the gardening glove in a challenge!

I challenge any and all authors with a deep love of Mother Nature and a call to restore her radiance, to join me for the month of June.

Commit to plant a tree for every print copy sold of your books. There are plenty of organizations to facilitate the planting, or gather a group and plant your own trees.

Let’s not wait for our lifetime window to close. Let’s plant a million trees together now.

Tally your book sales at the end of June and order or plant your trees. Then pop over to Twitter or Facebook and post your number of trees on my feed. I’ll total our efforts and post the results in July.

If you’re not an author and want to join us, commit to what you can. Plant a tree for every new client, project or service sold. Or plant a tree personally and add your tree to our total.

Now is the time.


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