The 12 Days of Detox: Body, Mind & Spirit

December is a magical month. An ideal one to detoxify the body and eliminate residue accumulated over the past year. Ayurveda refers to this residue as ama: a buildup of waste in the body; products not used up or transformed from their old state to a new one via digestion or metabolism. Accumulation of ama blocks the flow of energy within the body and is viewed as the root cause of all disease.
As body, mind and spirit all connect, cleaning out the body of last year’s consumption also assists with cleaning out the mind of last year’s habits, thoughts and ideas. Clearing out emotional residue, struggle, pain and fear, assists the body in lightening its load. How about your environment, the spaces you occupy; your home, office and relationships? What waste has accumulated in these areas?

This is the perfect time to detoxify yourself- body, mind and spirit- and your life, from any residue lingering from the past year and beyond.

Purge what’s stuck. Remove the residue and gently dislodge the ama wholly and naturally. Make room. A clean slate for the new year. A fresh pallette on which to paint your year ahead.
The 12 Days of Detox guides you effortlessly through a purification process, gradually building each day. Simply complete day 1 and then add to that practice the subsequent days’ detoxing tips. One at a time, step by step, day by day, you will ease into a detox program that both nurtures and nourishes you. One you can choose to continue beyond the days of Christmas and into the new year. Say a fond farewell to all you’ve been up until now, and a sing-songy helllloooooooooo to new possibilities and the limitless potential of a brand new year, yours to create as you wish.

Join us for The 12 Days of Detox. Each day will be posted in our private Facebook group: Nourish, where we will also share recipes and inspiration for a happy, healthy holiday season. Email to be added to the group or look for us on Facebook.

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