Powerful allies

I could see the crows, gathered on the arms of a giant power pole: an ineffective metal scarecrow on the top of the hill toward my sacred place. As I stepped off the pavement heading up the hill, the crows went crazy, all of them cawing at once. They took off and headed over my … Continue reading Powerful allies

How to work with animal spirit guides

Thousands of crows landed on a Walmart in Texas. Did you see the video? The scene was incredible. You can't help but stop and ask what this enormous message is. To come in such a large number is not a subtle sign... it's a wake-up call. Attention is required.Do you notice animals in your life? … Continue reading How to work with animal spirit guides

Ant medicine

No matter what the beetle did, it couldn't get that tiny ant off of its face. The ant had attached itself to the beetle's head. I sat on the front step observing this strange creature that at first I thought was one awkward bug, then realized it was one beetle plus one ant. I watched … Continue reading Ant medicine