Healing 5th chakra: it’s a matter of respect

I woke this morning contemplating 5th chakra.

The first word that came to mind was TRUST.

Of course, that made sense. Trust is a major issue of fifth chakra. Trusting the world, trusting your choices and words, trusting life… all reside here. I also feel an element of trust in sacral chakra. In that chakra, you’d find more issues of trust in relationships. And being the chakra of emotions, sacral (second) chakra would have a part to play in trust.

It was the word that came next which surprised me.


I rolled it around in my mind checking the validity of this intuitive hit.

Respect is something we often offer through our chosen words. If we gossip or talk behind peoples’ backs, that is a great lack of respect.

What hit me first, however, was self-respect. Do we deeply respect ourselves, our life choices and our lives?

When I allowed it to enter my full awareness, I felt that level of respect as if I’d just invited in a loving new house guest.

The girls surprised me with a soundbath this morning to celebrate my 50th. We all spread out on the floor around the crystal bowls. I sidled up next to 2 three-foot-high amethyst twin towers.

About 3/4 of the way through the sound bath, a purple light filled my vision. My thoughts pointed to crown chakra but the light corrected me and introduced itself as the amethyst.

It took a few minutes of my busy brain wanting to analyze the amethyst and assign meaning to it before I settled into conversation with this crystal being.

An appreciation washed over me for this consciousness that shares space on this beautiful planet of ours. Like birds, water, animals and plants, crystals come with their own energy and aliveness. We exchanged appreciation for one another.

And then the amethyst gave me the word I’d heard earlier that morning: RESPECT.

Respect for all life. We own nothing. We share in this experience together.

Once we live in great respect of all beings, 5th chakra (throat chakra) clears the way for us to communicate with compassion, clarity and courage.

Issues of the throat and neck resolve as we feel our way deeper into respect.

To journey through the healing power of the chakras, pick up your copy of Householder Yogini.

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