Snoring and menopause: 3 ways to get a better night’s sleep

Snoring and menopause. It’s a thing.

I rarely ever snored. I always bragged to my husband about how open my nasal passages were, especially during sleep. Until I noticed a few years ago that more and more nights I woke due to my own snoring. After much Googling, I discovered that menopause and snoring are indeed a couple. So, I got to work.

This is how I alleviate my snoring.

1. Most important for me: eliminate gluten. I removed it completely for a month. What a difference! Snoring gone (as well as any belly bloating). Now I have the odd piece of seedy bread or crackers. If the snoring returns, gluten’s the first to go.

2. Hum or chant. help to restore the muscle tone of the throat through regular humming, singing or chanting. It’s also just good vibration and opens the throat chakra.

3. Eliminate dairy. Especially if you feel a lot of mucous in your throat. Same protocol as with gluten. Go a couple weeks or a month without it to see how it impacts your sleep. Then slowly bring in the best of it as you wish. I enjoy feta on my salads and butter from grass-fed cows.

If snoring is a problem, try the above and let me know how it works for you! And share this post with your snoring friends 🙂

Now, a recipe. It goes well with the above advice. Gluten free. Dairy free (if you opt for coconut oil rather than butter) and anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric.

It’s a brilliant recipe for autumn or anyone suffering from excess vata dosha. Warming and rich in fibre and antioxidants, it’s the perfect pearing (yes, I did that on purpose) for fall.

I call it breakfast.

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