When practice feels difficult

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.”

Old Zen saying

It works that way, it really does. One of the best things I have found in my life is a meditation practice.

Now let’s talk about the crazy that is often my practice!

After my year in yoga, the story written in An Accidental Awakening, meditation came easy. I craved a 40-day practice. Even 120-day practices were easily manageable.

But when things fall apart: health, sleep, relationships, work… my cervical spinal injury… finding your practice can be challenging. However, it’s at that time that it is most needed.

The secret that I have discovered: not forcing myself to adhere to a set practice, but rather asking myself what simple things bring me joy, and then using that as a springboard to daily practice.

For me, time in nature heals most anything. So, practice may take the form of listening to the sweet sound of chickadees. And in that listening, I begin to feel a deep sense of appreciation. It is this feeling of appreciation that is the juice of the practice.

If you are struggling, find something nourishing for you: a baby-step to warm up your heart. Where do you find love or gratitude in your day? Maybe the sun on your face melts tensions for just a moment. Or a particular song lifts your spirits. Maybe peace for you is found in a cup of tea and a quiet moment. Or gratitude comes knocking while the kids happily dump Lego all over the floor and begin to create a masterpiece.

Wherever healing energy finds you, FEEL IT. Turn your whole attention toward it. Absorb it. Make that your practice.

As it strengthens you, you will naturally be pulled into a living practice.

May you find joy today… in the little things. And may all beings benefit.

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