Clean up your mess

It’s funny how life and writing intersect.

I’m in the process of trimming the 110,000 word yoga memoir manuscript down to 80,000 words. It’s hard at first… cutting down your writing. It seems like such a monster. Where to start?

So you do a few words here and there. Then you leave it.

Then a good day comes along: a strong day. You’re pumped. It’s like cleaning out your closet. You get psyched to do it.

“I’ve got this. I’m totally clearing this out!”

And… maybe a few t-shirts go. And a few paragraphs.

But the more unworn dresses/words you get rid of, the lighter you begin to feel.

There’s a tipping point

Suddenly, decluttering is easy.

Suddenly, you notice what items in your home need to go.

Just like you notice what words, sentences, paragraphs… whole pages and chapters need to go!

And you don’t fight it. In fact, it fuels you. You’re energized.

Because you’ve let go of enough of what is not necessary that you can finally FEEL what is.

Cleaning up our mess. It seems daunting at first. But it will energize you.


If you’re ready to let go and let flow, Sacral Chakra online course can help you.

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