Anna and the Food Forest

Our champion of nature is back! This time she’s on a mission to level the playing field … literally … and turn it into a food forest.

In this third book in the series, Anna takes on the issue of food security after a visit to a sister school opens her eyes to the inequalities in her city.

“Mister Sun, stop killing my strawberries!”

Anna struggles to grow a garden, but what she learns from her vegetable adventure may help feed a community.

Kids ages 6-9 will love Anna and the Food Forest.

Parental Warning:

Reading Anna and the Food Forest may result in your child wanting to grow a garden.  Be prepared to dig, get messy, grow something together and have fun.


Anna and the Food Forest is available at Barnes & Noble and

As with the first two Anna books, every print copy sold plants a tree! Thank you for helping Anna grow a forest.



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