The greatest teacher

I can’t say this enough:

Nature is the greatest teacher.

We forget. We work to harness her, manage her, use her.

When we release our fear of her and our need to control her, she will restore our senses.

Nature heals the body and boosts the spirit.

If you commit to one small act for 2018, may it be time in nature everyday.

I’ve sat in yoga studios and meditation rooms. I’ve had great moments of insight.

But none compare to what I receive when in nature.

The monkey mind unravels with each step along the earth and becomes my content companion, quieted by the wind in the leaves and the sweet chirping of birds.

My shoulders drop, my breath deepens.

Stories reveal themselves to me.

A deep sense of connection is restored in me.

I am suddenly enough.

My whole life is enough. My entire being,


It is my greatest joy to return to Nature.

Like going home to visit my dearest friend.

Take the time.

Make the time.



Go to her. Honour her. Be silent. Be reverent. Be joyful. Care for her.


not to take

but to receive.

She will show you yourself. She will tell you her stories. She will give you the world.

Nature is the great teacher. Shakyamuni went to the jungle to find its teachings, Moses up the mountain, Jesus to the desert, and Bodhidharma and Muhammad to their caves. We tend to forget this, so it is important to have a practice that reminds us of it again.” ~Clark Strand, “Turn Out the Lights”

*photo of Two-toed Pond through hoar-frosted trees


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