Who me?

Your bio tells the world about you.

Whether you’re making a statement as an artist or writer, or you’re a health & wellness coach or practitioner attracting clients, your bio is often one of the first places others look for connection, expertise and trust.


it is often the most troublesome and gut-wrenching piece of writing you’ll ever do. You may pain over your prose, finally deciding on details that describe you, only to revisit and revise it again and again wishing someone who knows you could write it for you.

After all, it can be considered bad form to brag about yourself, which leads to you hiding your best qualities and work.

Or perhaps you fully embrace all that is magnificent about you. So much so that your bio spans several pages and potential clients jump off your webpage before they get to the true glory that is you.

A friend recently asked me to write her bio. At first I thought that was something best written by her. A bio needs to capture a person’s unique story and energy. And then I realized the process of crafting someone’s personal signature is an art form in itself. And I was intrigued.

She provided me with details. I provided her with a series of questions and explored her website for a better sense of her work. Then her story came to life on the page.

And… I may have revamped additional copy on her webpage. (I couldn’t help myself.)

Then I wondered how many more people struggle to put their bio together, who wish someone else could just write it for them.

Let me be that ‘someone else’ for you. If you need a bio for your book or website, I am happy to craft your story. Contact me to discuss your project or business and we’ll get to work. $199 per bio. (ON SALE FOR MARCH 2018 – $99 per bio). I can only accommodate so many at a time but we’ll see if I can get something together quite quick for you.

And if you have other copy that needs revising, I am happy to discuss that as well. We can bring the energy from your bio through the rest of your website, creating a consistent flow.

Please know that I am NOT a professional editor. I will not edit your 200,000-word manuscript. I will, however, get a sense for you and your work in the world, and allow that sense to synthesize into story.

I look forward to hearing your story,





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