A new addition to the family

It’s time to welcome Anna to the family. She might be my first book, but she is definitely not my last. In fact, there are 4 Anna adventures already underway. And Anna has a mission…

Read a book. Plant a tree!

Celebrate this Earth Day with a good book. While Anna works to restore nature in the story, every copy of the book sold plants a tree in Alberta.

Anna and the Earth Angel launches April 20th, 7pm, at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary.

Of course you’re invited!

Pria and Alexander laughed at Anna. The whole class laughed at Anna. “You’ll see,” said Anna. “She’s real. And real big too.”
When Anna’s family moves to a new neighborhood where she doesn’t have any friends, Anna sets off to explore the local pond and discovers there’s far more magic in nature than she could have ever imagined.

A bridge between picture books and chapter books, Anna and the Earth Angel offers sustainability inside and out. While Anna works to restore nature in her story, every copy of the book sold plants a tree in Alberta.

Anna is a champion of nature, with a big heart and an even bigger new friend. She inspires curiosity, exploration, a love of nature, tenacity and the power of community. She finds magic in everyday adventures, and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Join us for a book signing Saturday, April 29th at Chapter’s Red Deer from 1-4pm.

Or order your copy online:

Indigo.ca  Amazon.ca   Amazon.com   Amazon.co.uk   Barnes and Noble  Kindle

If you are a teacher, principal or vice principal and would like to bring Anna into your school, please contact me to schedule a reading of the story and discussion with students. I will be happy to donate a copy of the book to your school library.

Thank you for supporting Anna and me and helping to grow a forest!

Check out Anna’s forest through the Forest Farmer!




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