Healing Waters

From soaking to sipping, water is integral to health. Here are 9 ways to make drinking water a daily healing ritual.

  1. Add a spring or two of thyme to impart this herb’s antioxidants and immune and mood boosting properties.
  2. Add fresh squeezed lemon to return life to your water and vitamin C to your body.
  3. Add fresh mint leaves for a cooling and invigorating boost, and digestive aid.
  4. A sprig of rosemary is flavourful and anti-inflammatory (toss in a couple cranberries for a festive feel).
  5. Try fresh fruit! A few raspberries brighten up your glass and tastebuds.
  6. Ginger sparks digestion, soothes a sore throat and eases inflammation.
  7. Fennel seeds aid digestion, bloating and gas pain, and provide a liquorice zing.
  8. A touch of sea salt or himalayan salt adds minerals and helps the body hydrate through absorption of water by those added minerals.
  9. A touch of honey helps draw ama (toxins) from the body, provides enzymes, soothes a sore throat, and keeps those cola and sugar-cravings at bay.
  10. Bonus… blessings. Hold your cup of water at your heart and infuse your water with chant, song, prayer, gratitude, laughter and love. Then drink it all in and feel every cell nourished.

Bonne santé!




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