Birch-citrus salad dressing

Birch-citrus salad dressing. 2 ingredients.

Sweet nectar of the Goddess.

Birch syrup is magical. To me it has a flavour of sweet, dark cherries and rich, wild tree sap. That’s the best I can do… you have to taste it to know it.

I discovered birch syrup from the enlightened food folks at the Light Cellar in Calgary.

Excellent on pancakes and in morning oats, it was while exploring the diet offered by Anthony Williams in The Medical Medium that I found fresh inspiration for this sweet spring syrup.

Simple. Fresh. Nourishing.

Squeeze the juice from 1 orange*

Add 1 tbsp birch syrup (no birch syrup?… use pure maple syrup)

Toss into your salad


Try to resist licking out the dressing container. You can’t.

*Equally delicious when the orange juice is replaced with juice of a lemon!

Honour this lifeblood of the trees. Take only what you need. Enjoy all that you take. A small bottle dresses many salads.

May we all be nourished!

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