Celebrating with you all

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” Helen Keller 3 weeks ago I received an email that still has me smiling. I share this with all of you. Thank you for your support over the years. An Accidental Awakening was 10 years in the writing and publishing. It was my … Continue reading Celebrating with you all

Rejection is what it is

And it's not about you. It's not even necessarily about your work. It can be about timing. About platform (I hate that word but it's a part of author life). About relationships (or lack thereof). About literary maturity. About Mercury conjunct Uranus... But it's not about you. Though it feels like it is. I pretty … Continue reading Rejection is what it is

The Soul of your Work

As writers, we dream of our creative projects being received far and wide and to great acclaim. Before we publish, before we add the title of Author though, we have a sense of what would feel fulfilling with our work. We dream of the first book purchased and read by another. Perhaps a great review. … Continue reading The Soul of your Work

What you need to consider before self-publishing your book.

There are certain steps to publishing your creative work. But there is also peripheral information to consider. And I'm discovering these additional steps as I follow this path of writing, self-directed publishing and coaching. While talking to a fellow the other day about his writing project and the steps involved in publishing his work, he … Continue reading What you need to consider before self-publishing your book.

Write Now

If you have a manuscript, an inspired idea or burning desire and a blank notebook, or a shoebox filled with past presentations, articles you've written, or recipes for your cookbook, and lack the time/information/opportunity or support to bring your information together and then into the world, I have just the class for you: Summer Writers' … Continue reading Write Now