Clinging to things: memory lane decluttering #3

This is an interesting one for me. I’ve pulled these out many times. “I’ll wear them this summer,” I’d say. “No,” would come the voice in my head, ” they’re too precious to wear. What if they break?” “Let’s donate them then.” “We couldn’t let go of those!”

I wore these at my wedding 17 1/2 years ago. They were the perfect accompaniment to my bathing suit and sarong. I’m grateful to have received the warm ocean waters as our backdrop, the fine sands as our dance floor. It was a day of beauty and bliss, coconut-crusted mahimahi and mango cake. A day I hold close to my heart.

So… no need to hold onto the sandals. As I look at them, they are really well made. Great sturdy sole and soft footbed. Why did I never wear them again?!

Too precious.

How often do we not enjoy items because they are too precious? And then the moment to enjoy them passes. Or they deteriorate over time.

Now is the time. Enjoy what you have in the moment. Enjoy it so much that you wear it out, not Father Time.

And if you no longer enjoy an item, send it on to someone else who is just waiting to receive your precious gift.

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