Un-busy your Business

De-cluttering. I love it. It makes me infinitely happy to create space in my life. That space doesn’t always remain, but it’s still nice when it emerges.

Over a year ago, I participated in a course by Joshua Becker: Becoming Minimalist. It’s always fun to jump in on the energy of a group exercise. The online community became my second home. The momentum of the group carried me from room to room in my house while I created space. Lots of space.

One day, I was on my way to a book event when the momentum of minimalism extended its reach to my business. I had packed my professional bag that morning (a hockey bag on rollers like a good Canadian author). It contained 20 copies of each of the 7 books I had at the time, stickers for the kids, art easel and large framed promo poster, butterfly decorations to hang from my table, tablecloth, email sign up sheet, (I could keep going but I think you get the picture). I packed a second bag, a smaller one, with my water bottle, tea, chocolate and lunch.

Stopped at a red light, a thought bubble appeared.

What if I fit as many books as I can into that smaller bag and leave the hockey bag and its contents in the trunk?

I was beside myself with excitement.

I pulled up to the event and popped the trunk. I placed several copies of each book into the smaller bag with my lunch and drinks, and abandoned the rest. Worst case scenario? I sell out of my books and make a restock run to the car.

I floated into the event rather than dragging my stuff behind me. My table felt spacious and clean. No fan fare, just me and my books and great conversations with people.

It was enough. I was enough.

I sold more books at that year’s event than the previous year’s. I returned home and donated the decorations. I even donated the hockey bag.


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