How to Write a Book

Sometimes, a story takes you by the hand and leads you onto the dance floor. It reveals itself to you as you move together.

And sometimes a book requires a more structured approach.

When you have a plan, you know where you’re going, and suddenly writing your book feels a lot less intimidating.

My editor, Maraya Loza Koxahn, and I have put together 2 programs to help writers get a supported start on their book this year.

The first is a day-long workshop on February 24th entitled, Write your Book. During this day together at Fort Calgary, we will envision your book, identify your readers, map your content, and start writing.

The second is an 8-week online coaching program designed to support writers in finishing their first draft. Beginning February 25th, each week you write on your own time and then submit your homework (some of that week’s writing) to the online course where you will receive productive feedback from me, Maraya, and the community of writers. This way, you not only have accountability for your writing, but you also receive guidance with your content.

Depending on how many writers we have in the 8-week program, we will organize the groups by genre.

The workshop plus online coaching format is particularly effective for those writing self-help or how-to books. All genre of writers, however, are welcome.

For more information on the workshop, click here.

Workshop early bird pricing of $199 ends February 3rd.

For more information on the 8-week course, click here.

Register for both by February 3rd and save $100.

You’re welcome to contact me with any questions.

Happy writing!

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