“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

Napoleon Hill

My life is about practice. And while I’m happy to deliver an inspiring talk to your group, I’m most at home in a circle where people are seen and heard and where we play and explore possibilities for health, vitality, compassion, personal growth and collective evolution.

If you have a group that needs inspiration to:

  • overcome injury
  • inspire creativity
  • envision possibilities
  • consider life from a new perspective
  • invite vitality into their health and life

then I’m your speaker.

Possible talks include:

  • Ayurveda (discover your unique constitution and balance your health through all seasons of your life)
  • Using mantra to move obstacles
  • Developing a home wellness practice in a busy life
  • Know your dominant chakra and use its gifts to succeed in your work and the world
  • Envision your palace: elevate your life and the world around you trough meditative art and writing

Of course, I’m always happy to deliver my Ted-style talk about my year in yoga, the basis for An Accidental Awakening. Or the 45-minute version that includes exercises for your group.

Contact me and we’ll talk about your group, event and budget, and tailor something to your needs.