Our being is silent but our existence is noisy.” ~ Thomas Merton.

Gradually shift from noise to silence through weekly, small group sessions. I integrate practices from ancient and modern teachings to create restorative and rejuvenating experiences. Yoga, breath, meditation, nature, advanced communication practices and light-hearted activities combine to help you comfortably quiet the noise.

“Studies show that enjoying a natural setting — like a park, beach, wetland, or forest — can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels. Exposure to nature can help you sleep well and increase vigour and liveliness. It can even boost your immune system.” ~ David Suzuki, Prescription for Health and Happiness: A Daily Dose of Nature

We may find ourselves practicing in nature – walking a labyrinth, practicing qigong by a river or yoga in the park – or in the quiet comfort of the private sanctuary.

I offer a holistic approach: effective techniques to mindfully breathe, move, listen, communicate, eat and live. Explore fundamental training that supports the integration of simple, mindful practices into daily living.

My aim is to share the practices of breath, movement, meditation, creativity and nature to assist you in slowing down, releasing tension, rejuvenating your mind and body, and getting to know yourself better in a supportive, caring community.

Monday evenings 7:30-9:30pm                                                     By donation

CONTACT ME today for more information or if you’d like to join us for More than Meditation Mondays. The sanctuary is located in Tuscany, NW Calgary.

“There is no work/life balance. We have one life. What is most important is that you’ll be awake for it.” ~ Janice Marturano


*photo by Emma Barry

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