Organizations and individuals alike understand that work/life stress robs them of the vitality and focus required to achieve and sustain excellence and vitality. Mindfulness training is proven to lower stress, enhance attention and creativity, improve immune function, communication, focus and overall health and well-being.

Corporations like General Mills and Aetna, Elite Athletes like the USA BMX team and Seattle Seahawks, and top creative companies like Apple and Google are leading the way in the revolution and recognition of the power of mindful living.

A growing body of evidence supports clear links between mindful living and a variety of benefits to the individual, organizations and communities.

“There’s more than an article a day on the subject in peer-reviewed journals,” says psychiatrist Steven Selchen, a mindfulness expert and lecturer in U of T’s Faculty of Medicine. ~ The Science of Mindfulness, U of T’s Faculty Magazine, Spring 2014

Arianna Huffington addresses Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America’s Bottom Line. 

Jon Lieff, M.D. provides a comprehensive article on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in Meditation and Brain Update 2014.

Discover the benefits that are available to you.



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