On the sixth day of detox, I gave to me…
six spicy swishes,
five yoga poses,
four foods that heal,
three meditations,
two cleansing breaths,
and the most vibrant vision of me.

Oil Pulling

A little-known detox gem, Dr. F. Karach presented oil pulling in the early 90s. The practice, however, dated back considerably further. In ayurveda it is called kavala graha, a medicine for the oral cavity, and has been used for centuries to detoxify the body and improve health.

A simple daily process of swishing oil around inside the mouth for up to 20 minutes, allowing the oil to draw toxins from the body, then spitting the oil out, yields a variety of reported benefits. Some of which include: brightened teeth, reduced sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink, and stabilized loose teeth. Other individuals have reported relief from the following: body pains, headaches, allergy and respiratory problems, arthritis, constipation, heart disease, digestive issues and skin problems.


Best done on an empty stomach, in the ayurvedic tradition, kavala graha is a practice in itself, a meditation of sorts where nothing is done during the swishing, other than conscious swishing.
When I followed this practice 3 times per day, before meals, for several weeks, I enjoyed the meditative benefits as well as whiter, less sensitive teeth and softer lips. My oil pulling now flows into my morning routine as 5-10 minutes of swishing while I prepare my morning tea.


As 1 sun salutation is better than none and often leads to more, a few minutes of swishing is better than no swishing at all. There is some controversy as to whether to perform oil pulling if you have dental fillings. I have found no conclusive research supporting either side. Do your homework and consult a professional for further information.


After your morning visualization, breathwork, meditation and yoga, try some swishing while preparing your lemon and ginger tea. Or make your swishing your morning meditation. The whole morning detox routine up to now can take as little as 30 minutes. If you have the time, an indulgent hour or more can be dedicated to you, your health and your best self. Set your alarm a little earlier and savour time for self care. A delicious way to start your day.


Bonus Detox Tip: As a lover of infusing oils with herbs, I took oil pulling to another level and created 6 spicy swishes that also lend themselves to improved health. See if one of the natural mouthwashes has you salivating.


Congratulations on reaching the halfway point in your body, mind, spirit detox. Still cleaning out the closets?