On the second day of detox, I gave to me…
two cleansing breaths,
and the most vibrant vision of me.


Every breath provides a channel for detoxification through the exhalation of waste and the inhalation of oxygen. Most of the day, however, our breath is shallow. As our shoulders slowly creep up to meet our ears throughout the stresses of our day, our breath also becomes more shallow and often quicker, limiting the supply of oxygen to our lungs and blood.

Dedicating time each day to sit and breathe deeply or reminding yourself throughout your day to do so, infuses the body with fresh air and releases the stale air pooled deep in the lungs. Deep breathing also relaxes the body and the mind, proving to be one of the most effective, inexpensive and accessible methods of detoxification of body, mind and spirit.

Commit to deep breathing outdoors and enjoy the added benefit of nature, feeling the cool winter air invigorate the body. Every deep inhalation purifies, every full exhalation detoxifies.

As you practice your detox day 1 visualization, breathe deeply and exhale fully. Once the visualization is complete, continue deep breathing for a minute or two, relaxing deeper with each breath. Lungs expand and fill with each inhale, shoulders drop and tension melts with every exhale.

Sit upright to allow full expansion of the lungs, feeling even the back body receiving fresh oxygen. Like opening a window and allowing the air to freshen your home. Continue several times throughout your day, at regular intervals: before meals, or any time you feel stress or strain creeping into your day or your shoulders creeping up to your ears.

If you tend to carry excess heat in your body or experience agitation or frustration during your day, try Sitali breathing, a technique used to cool off the body and the mind.

Bonus detox breath: to stoke the digestive fires and boost metabolism as well as your core control, practice breath of fire for continued detoxing throughout your day.

How’s the closet cleaning coming along?