On the eleventh day of detox, I gave to me…
eleven juicy journals,
ten musical minutes,
nine cleansing herbs,
eight salt baths,
seven layer massages,
six spicy swishes,
five yoga poses,
four foods that heal,
three meditations,
two cleansing breaths,
and the most vibrant vision of me.


Empty that melon and make room for new thoughts while taking inventory of the old ones running through your mind- the old story running through your life. Your experiences to date, your ideas and stories laid out on a page, whether in prose, word webs, design or image, allow you to review where you’ve been and gain new insight and acceptance, even spark new inspiration.


Contemplating and detailing events of your year and life gives you an appreciation for what you have learned, gathered and accomplished over the year and what no longer serves you, what you wish to relinquish. Honour what has been. Accept all of your experiences with love and compassion. Continue what speaks to you the most and bid a fond farewell to lessons learned.
Celebrate the success in the highs, and the growth in the lows.


Start… one word on the page. Where does it take you? Let that one word act as the yarn that, when pulled, unravels the tightly woven and structured contents of your mind, then your heart and your spirit.


Weave the yarn upon the page and see the colours, texture and form of your life’s fabric and celebrate the wardrobe you wore this past year and the years before. Honour the fresh template for new designs to come with the new year. Fresh new colours, textures and styles  that promise to create the most inspiring, rich, vivid collection yet.


Fabric not flowing? Try a gratitude list. Finding what you are grateful for this past year and in your current life will allow the yarn to spin freely. If words are fluid for you, let them gather in poetry or flow into rivers of chapter. If you prefer to draw or doodle, allow your year to reveal itself in images on the page.


Smile as you write. Cry as you draw. Laugh as you honour all the bits and pieces of you. Love your story, its moments of pure exquisite beauty and times of deep desperate struggle.

Of course any old paper will do or even that new-fangled digital device we all enjoy so much. I love honouring my writing with a juicy journal, however. A stunning little notepad or decorative diary with a lovely pen creates a sacred experience for me.


Light a candle, pour yourself a cup of tea and celebrate your past year on the pages of your journal. When done, you may consider a page or 2 of what you wish for your year ahead. Dream it into drawing and then draw it into being. You could even Wordle it and print it out to display on your wall, vision board, fridge or desk to keep your vision front and centre all year.

There are more than 11 juicy journals on this page from Ecojot. Wherever you find your journal, enjoy selecting one unique to you for your year’s review. Perhaps an exquisite new journal will find its way into your stocking for your continued journalling through 2017.