Read a book. Plant a tree!

While Anna works to restore nature in the story, every print copy of the book sold plants a tree in Alberta. 

Anna and the Earth Angel

Pria and Alexander laughed at Anna. The whole class laughed at Anna. “You’ll see,” said Anna, “She’s real. And real big too.”
When Anna’s family moves to a new neighborhood where she doesn’t have any friends, Anna sets off to explore the local pond and discovers there’s far more magic in nature than she could have ever imagined.

A bridge between picture books and chapter books, Anna and the Earth Angel offers sustainability inside and out.

You can find 2 of Stephanie’s published poems at:

Soft Cartel

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My Yoga on Gaia,                             Sivana                           Finer Minds  

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Stephanie is currently working on 5 children’s books in the Anna series of adventures. She is also publishing a children’s halloween book in October of this year.

The collaborative work entitled Alberta Skies was published through the Alexandra Writer’s Centre Society in January of 2017 with an artist exhibit and book launch at the re-opening of the King Edward Arts Hub in Calgary, March 4th. Stephanie has contributed 2 poems along with 2 paintings to this collection of work.