4 live online sessions

Opening to the muse from unexpected places

How do you write from a place of unpredictability & curiosity?

November 9, 16, 23, 30, 2022
11:00 AM (MT)

60 Minutes

Not knowing where your story is going is one of the things that can keep writers from writing at all. It is also the doorway to unexpected inspiration.

Yes, you can have an outline. Yes, you can have a plan. Can you also open to the unexpected and see where the energy of the story wants to go?

What You’ll Learn:

– How to invite the unexpected into your story
– How to let the story drive
– Develop a partnership with the unknown and a relationship with the muse

Stephanie Hrehirchuk
Multi-genre author

Stephanie is the author of over 24 books across multiple genres, including her multi-award-winning memoir. She works with writers to get their work into the world.

Levi Cody
Writer/spiritual counsellor

Levi has been leading spiritual retreats and meditations for decades. He has recently written his memoir, detailing a lifetime of spiritual insights, guides along his path, and Earth wisdom.

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