It’s finally here!

Anna and the Christmas Tree.

The fourth book in the Anna series and a very special book indeed!

The story is magical and we have added pops of colour to the illustrations.

The book will officially launch November 25th.

Preorder your copy below.

Every print copy sold plants a tree!


Once your order is received, you will be emailed an invoice that you can pay via credit card.

When your payment is received, your book(s) will be shipped to you or you can arrange to pick up in Calgary.

Thank you for supporting Anna and her stories and helping to grow a forest.

Anna and the Christmas Tree          $15 per paperback copy

Anna and the Earth Angel                $10 per paperback copy (b&w)

Anna and the Tree Fort                     $10 per paperback copy (b&w)

Anna and the Food Forest                 $10 per paperback copy (b&w)

Set of all 4 books!                                 $40

Shipping within Alberta                 add $5

Shipping within Canada  (please provide your city and a quote will be emailed to you)